Kha’Niaya Clark, BPH ’22

Photo of K. Clark

Kha’Niaya Clark, a junior Bachelor of Public Health student pursuing a duel degree in Anthropology, has recently been accepted into UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institute. The Junior Summer Institute brings together an incredible cohort of talented and public-service minded undergraduates for a summer intensive designed to prepare them for graduate programs in public policy and law. It is an academically intense, highly bonding experience.  This opportunity equips and prepares fellows for graduate school and, ultimately, careers that will allow them to be change agents and leaders in service to marginalized and under-served communities. Learn more about her below!

Major: Dual Degree in Public Health and Anthropology
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Why major in public health? I majored in public health because of prevention, I wanted to be part of the change, the intervention of creating a healthier nation, but mostly to help underserved communities. I also wanted to combine that with anthropology because we can learn a lot from our global partners. 

What is most interesting about public health? The most interesting thing about public health is working through difficult situations. I’ve learned that situations are more complicated than they may seem on the surface. 

Why did you choose UF? I choose UF because of its academic excellence and my family’s love for the gators. When I was in elementary school I learned math through gator football, my third grade teacher was a huge fan of Tim Tebow.

What experience at UF has been most influential? The most influential experience I have had at UF is being a first generation student and meeting others like myself. It’s encouraging to see us shine and get through the struggles together. 

Do you participate in extracurriculars? If so which? I am a part of sistuhs incorporated and I also serve as the secretary of Big Sister Little Sister. 

Do you have any jobs while in college? What do you do? I currently work for Publix in customer service and I am a support tech at Shands. 

What are your professional goals? I am currently undecided.

What do you like to do for fun? In spare time I like to go to the beach, read books, and hangout with friends. 

What advice do you have for prospective students? My advice for prospective students is work hard, give back, and take nothing for granted.