Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Hi guys! My name is Michael Brown and I’m a senior in the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) program. I was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida, which has molded me into a true “Floridian” to say the least – with a love for the beach, fishing, and golf. Upon graduation next Fall, I hope to attend medical school and become a physician one day.

My decision to pursue a career in medicine blossomed at the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I shadowed a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in clinical and surgical settings. I witnessed several fascinating surgeries and my passion for the field grew day by day. Yet, my greatest takeaways from this experience came from patients’ appointments. Their unique stories and backgrounds intrigued me, and their gratitude was inspiring. I’ll never forget the relief they showed upon knowing Dr. Feldman could treat their rare conditions. I’m motivated to emulate this role if given the privilege to attend medical school.

I expanded upon my interest in pediatric orthopedic surgery at the University of Florida (UF) with my senior honors thesis. My study aims to characterize postoperative opioid protocols following the surgical correction of pediatric femur fractures. Dr. Ihnow, Dr. McQuerry, and I hope to establish formal analgesic protocols to decrease the practice of opioid over-prescription. I plan to utilize the research lessons I learned from the BHS program in my future career and alter the practice of medicine for the better.

Besides pediatric orthopedic surgery, I developed an interest in emergency medicine at UF. I obtained my first responder certification through First Responder Gator (FRG), a non-profit on-campus organization, and have kept with the organization since then. I serve as a teaching assistant and lecture coordinator for FRG, which has been nothing short of rewarding. Watching my students grow and become competent responders has been memorable for me. I also enjoy working alongside my students in the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit (GEMRU), an on-campus basic life support unit, once they receive their certifications. The hands-on experience and memories I’ve obtained from my participation in these activities have largely shaped my college years.

Furthermore, a huge part of my life is my wonderful girlfriend of over seven years, Janelle. We met in middle school and our journey has landed us both at UF. We love to travel and bond over food – our love language. If we go to a new town that has a restaurant that was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” which is Guy Fieri’s show on the Food Network, then you will find us there!

My college experience and time in the BHS program have been memorable. I recommend the BHS program without reservation and would be happy to answer anyone’s questions regarding it. You can reach me at brownmichael@ufl.edu. Thank you for reading a little bit about me and go Gators!