Angelica Byrd

Happy New Year everyone! My name is Angelica Byrd. I am a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Health Science program. I am originally from Miami Shores, Florida. However, the entire Byrd family has migrated to Jacksonville, and I am excited to have my family closer to “Gator Nation.” I have a fondness for my dogs- a Husky and German Shepherd, baking, painting, and spending time outdoors especially at the natural springs near Gainesville. Lastly, I am passionate about medicine and am beyond thrilled to know that I will have the privilege to matriculate into medical school in the Fall of 2022.

My acceptance into the Bachelor of Health Science Program provided the integral step in my journey to medicine. This major has given me knowledge, leadership ability, and communication skills to excel in my future endeavors. I enjoyed the coursework in Public Health and the U.S. Healthcare System as I believe they will make me a more well-rounded physician. However, my favorite class was Disease and Disabilities with Professor Carolyn Hanson.

I really appreciated how this class focused on the psychological aspect of disease and highlighted the human experience and need for compassion in healthcare. I also learned so much from our patient cases that allowed students on different tracts- PA, PT, OT, RDN, NP, MD, DO, etc.- to prepare for future interdisciplinary collaboration. Lastly, the BHS program has provided me with a community of supportive professors, classmates, and advisors. I have found this mentorship and sense of fellowship to be invaluable and hope to find the same caring environment at my future medical school.

When I enrolled at the University of Florida, I already had an interest in medicine. Witnessing the compassionate care provided to my grandparents exposed me to the soul of medicine and provided me with an example of physicians whom I hope to emulate. I have secured my conviction with this dream through my encounters at UF. I had valuable patient interactions in EMT school and on medical volunteer trips with Gator Alliance for World Health. As Assistant Director of the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit, I have had the opportunity to enact positive change.

Angelica Byrd

I maintain the trauma kits staged in every university building and educate the public on Stop the Bleed initiatives and through the GEMRU Seminar Series. Unfortunately, a pandemic provides unexpected  hands-on training. I was able to do my part to protect my home campus by helping with the Screen, Test, & Protect COVID-19 response team to test and vaccinate UF students, faculty, and staff. I have also had the opportunity to partake in research in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology in PHHP. In addition, I am now becoming exposed to the other more administrative side of research with my new employment at the Institutional Review Board. I owe much of my growth to the Bachelor of Health Science Program. I would recommend the Health Science Major without hesitation. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions. As always, Go Gators!