Roxana Garcia

Roxana Garcia

Hi everyone! My name is Roxana Garcia. I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Science Honors program on the pre-dental track. I am originally from Matanzas, Cuba and I moved to Tampa, Florida in 2014. Growing up in Cuba, I was always surrounded by people who showed radiating happiness despite their circumstances. From these experiences, I developed a passion for service and aspire to incorporate these values into my future career in healthcare.

After graduation, I plan on attending dental school. In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting, yoga, cooking, trying new restaurants, and spending time with friends and family. As an undergraduate student, I dedicated my time to being involved in several organizations that have made my experience at UF very memorable and have shaped me into the student I am today. I became involved in the Pre-Professional Service Organization (PSO) during my freshmen year, where I learned about all of the fields in healthcare and found my passion for dentistry.

During my junior year, I served as a delegate for this organization which allowed me to help organize Health Career Showcase and I was recently elected Vice-President of Membership. My involvement in this organization gave me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and introduced me to amazing opportunities. Through my time at UF, I also volunteered with an organization called Libros de Familia in which I helped children from migrant families with their homework and encouraged them to pursue higher education. This opportunity has allowed me to connect with my Hispanic background and give back to the community. It reminded me of my experience immigrating to the US and has made me appreciate all of the people that helped me along the way. Finally, on December 26th of 2021, I attended a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to provide free dental care to underserved communities in San Juan de La Maguana. This trip was very memorable as it took me back to the experiences I lived growing up in Cuba and allowed me to cultivate beautiful friendships.

The BHS program has given me the opportunity to excel academically and pursue my passion for research. As a member of the Honors Program, I have had the opportunity to conduct my own research project at the UF College of Dentistry under the mentorship of Dr. Haddock.

Through this program, I have made lifelong friends and interacted with amazing faculty. Being constantly surrounded by future healthcare providers has opened my eyes to the bright future that awaits.

UF has not only given me the opportunity to receive an amazing education but has allowed me to grow into a compassionate, disciplined, and perseverant individual. I am honored to have shared a little bit of my experience at UF and I hope that it inspired you to pursue your dreams. Please reach out to if you have any questions!