The College of Public Health and Health Professions offers three limited access undergraduate majors housed within two different degrees. First, the Bachelor of Health Science degree comprises both the Health Science, and the Communication Sciences and Disorders majors. Each major focuses on the preparation of students entering health professions that work directly with patients and treat people at the individual level. Specifically, the Health Science major enrolls students who are interested in pursuing careers in medicine (e.g., physician, physician assistant, dentist, etc.) as well as rehabilitation (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy), while the Communication Sciences and Disorders major is specific to students pursuing careers in audiology and/or speech pathology. Next, the Bachelor of Public Health degree houses the Public Health major. In contrast to the Health Science and Communication Sciences and Disorders majors, the Public Health major emphasizes population health. Students entering the field of Public Health examine problems from the societal and community perspective and pursue careers in Epidemiology, Social and Behavioral Science, Environmental Health, Global Public Health, and other specialized areas.

Juniors and Seniors
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As limited access majors, students must apply to and be accepted into the junior and senior portion of the major to ultimately graduate with either their Bachelor of Health Science or Bachelor of Public Health degree. The advantage of limited access majors are numerous. First, the controlled cohort size ensures each major is able to accommodate robust faculty-to-student ratios in the classroom. All coursework within the College ensures that there are no more than 49 students per class. Therefore, students have a variety of sections to choose from that are offered at various days and times. This flexibility allows for students to arrange their schedules in a way that suits their needs and more easily schedule outside classroom activities (e.g., work, research, volunteering, shadowing, patient contact hours, student organizations, etc.).

With over 2,500 students, the College of Public Health and Health Professions is a national leader in the education of health professionals. We emphasize the development of intellectual resources and skills that can help our graduates prosper in today’s complex health systems. In addition, the College is committed to the development of cutting edge science and outreach in areas such as aging and disability, rehabilitation of central nervous system impairment, behavioral and environmental determinants of health for individuals and communities, disaster response, and health systems functioning. The College’s overall mission is to shape tomorrow’s public health and health professionals through dynamic and responsive educational programs, transformational research, groundbreaking discoveries, and equitable health-related service. Our collaborations within the College and beyond advance the breadth of knowledge, the quality of science, and the attainment of professional distinction.

Program Directors

Candice J Adams-Mitchell

Candice J Adams-Mitchell

Program Director For Undergraduate Studies And Clinical Assistant Professor
Brittney Dixon

Brittney Dixon PhD, MPH, CPH, TTS

Director, Bachelor Of Public Health Program And Clinical Assistant Professor
Jamie L Pomeranz

Jamie L Pomeranz PhD, CRC, CLCP

Clinical Professor

Academic Program Staff

Tyler D Brown

Tyler D Brown M. Ed

Academic Program Specialist I
Kendra C Hamilton

Kendra C Hamilton MS

Academic Program Specialist
Brenda McDonnell

Brenda McDonnell

Academic Program Specialist II (Undergraduate Program)

Freshman and Sophomore Advisors