Please note: This information is specific to undergraduate students in the College of Public Health and Health Professions. If you are not an undergraduate student whose major is in PHHP, you should consult your college/academic program for information specific to your program. The following information is current as of July 28, 2020.

1. Will all PHHP undergraduate courses be online? Yes – all undergraduate courses (e.g., lectures, labs, etc.) within PHHP will be online during the Fall 2020 semester. The vast majority of these courses will be online synchronous which means the class meets via Zoom during the scheduled days/times in the schedule of courses. HSC4930 Global Health Disparities and Disabilities, CLP4134 Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology, and some sections of PHC4101 Public Health Concepts will be online asynchronous, meaning there is no scheduled day or time where everyone meets together on Zoom.

2. What about courses outside PHHP? The University has granted the Colleges permission to hold “experiential” courses inperson. Experiential courses are courses where students have an opportunity to apply what they have learned in their courses on real-world projects. For example, many science labs (e.g., CHM2211L Organic Chemistry Lab) are considered experiential courses. Whether or not a College decides to offer an experiential course in-person is at the discretion of the respective College offering the course.

3. How do I know if my course is online synchronous, online asynchronous, hybrid, or in-person? The schedule of courses will show a course as either 100% online with meeting days and times (synchronous), 100% online with no listed meeting days or times (asynchronous), 80-99% online with days and times listed (hybrid), or listed class days and times without any indication of online (in-person). Please note, while we are working to ensure all PHHP undergraduate courses are listed as 100% online, the Schedule of Courses may inaccurately show some SPA courses as 80-99% online (i.e., hybrid – mostly online but some in-person time). Again, all PHHP undergraduate courses will be 100% online either synchronous or asynchronous, so please ignore any hybrid designation for PHHP courses.

4. Do I have to live in Gainesville if all of my courses are online? No – if your courses are online, then you are not required to live in Gainesville.

5. How long will courses be online? At this point in time, no decisions have been made as to whether courses will continue online beyond the Fall 2020 semester.

6. Since courses are online, will my tuition change? No – according to the Bursar’s Office, tuition will remain the same regardless if your classes are online or in-person.

7. Are there computer requirements I should be aware of? All students must comply with the PHHP Computer Requirements policy.

8. Do I need to pay for Zoom? No – The University of Florida is paying for the “Enterprise” version of Zoom which allows faculty and staff to schedule secure Zoom meetings/classes with students at no cost to the student.

9. Since courses are online, how will the Honors program work for seniors? The College will be contacting Honors Faculty requesting that they work with you to review your honors research project, and if necessary, make adjustments to accommodate for COVID-19 interference. In many instances, this pandemic has likely complicated a faculty’s ability to conduct their research. We recommend reaching out to your faculty mentor to begin a dialogue, if you haven’t yet been in contact.

10. Do I have to re-register for courses? Possibly – while you will not have to re-register for any of your PHHP courses, and we presume you will not have to re-register for any online courses outside the college, you may need to re-register for in-person courses. As part of the University’s effort to ensure the safety of the UF community, the University is requiring adequate social distancing in each class (i.e., 8 foot buffer between students). Consequently, classrooms that were reserved for courses are no longer adequate. Moreover, lab spaces are not built to accommodate the social distancing requirement. To ensure proper safety, in-person classes and labs may need to be broken up into additional sections, which likely requires the scheduled day/time of those classes and labs to change.

11. What if I need additional accommodations because of the change in class format? If you need accommodations because of a change in format, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 352-392-8565 or by emailing or

12. Do I have to get tested for COVID-19 if I come to UF campus? In accordance with UF’s screen-test-and-protect program, all students will be required to complete an online COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Any student who screens positive will be subject to mandatory COVID-19 testing. Moreover, COVID-19 testing will be required for: (a) students in clinical settings (contact with patients); (b) students in research settings who have contact with human subjects and cannot practice physical distancing; and (c) students arriving from states listed in any then-applicable emergency order from Florida’s Governor executive order (or internationally) must either quarantine at their own expense for 14 days or be tested and cleared (free of charge to the student). Additionally, students who do not screen positive are allowed to “opt in” and take COVID19 test if desired.

13. Do I have to wear a mask if I come to UF campus? Yes. Students are required to wear a mask or cloth face covering when in UF and UF Health facilities. Face shields are permitted if students are unable to wear a face covering. Face coverings are to be worn in all classrooms, patient care areas, public/common areas (lobbies, conference rooms, elevators, stairwells, bathrooms, loungers, etc.). More information is available at UF’s Coronavirus website.

14. Am I able to schedule an in-person meeting with a PHHP advisor or faculty? No – all advisors, faculty, and staff are only available via email, phone appointments, and Zoom. At this time there are no plans for in-person appointments in an effort to promote social distancing. You can email an advisor to request a phone or Zoom appointment, or submit questions via email.

15. Will the library be open in the Fall? If yes, in what capacity? At this time the Health Science Center Library is available to PHHP students. Other libraries plan to open August 28. Please consult the UF Libraries Website for up-to-date information on plans to reopen.

16. Will classes continue after Thanksgiving, even if they are online? Our understanding is that fully online courses will maintain their regular Fall schedule, whereas any undergraduate class that is in-person (e.g., experiential classes) will be encouraged to either conclude before students leave for Thanksgiving, or shift to fully online after Thanksgiving. The idea being to minimize spread with having students traveling from Gainesville to home and then back to Gainesville.

17. Will the GRE be waived for graduate/professional programs? If yes, should we still submit our scores if we took it already? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to not taking it? This answer varies from program to program. For example, PHHP’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) program, Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology, and Master’s in Public Health have all waived the GRE for the admitting Fall 2021 class. Please consult your graduate programs of interest to see whether the GRE requirement will be modified in response to COVID-19

18. What do I do if I’m home and my internet is spotty? If you have inconsistent internet and/or are living somewhere where multiple people are expecting to use the internet at the same time, please make certain to email your instructors as soon as you can.

19. Is on-campus housing available for Fall? Yes, UF will honor on-campus residential housing for the fall. The only significant change to normal occupancy is that the 111 rooms that normally house three students (triples) will house only two students. UF Housing provides a variety of options for students to consider when choosing to live on campus and will continue to work with individual students to address their needs.

20. What is UF’s reopening plan? Reopening Plan is available at

21. Are there student gathering limitations? Yes. UF’s Coronavirus website details the social gathering policy.

22. Will athletic events take place? Updates to athletic events will be available on

23. Is it safe to return to Gainesville? Information related to COVID-19 in Gainesville is available on the city’s Emergency Management website.

24. Are professional/graduate programs accepting online coursework for program prerequisites taken during Fall 2020? This answer varies from program to program. Please consult your graduate program of interest to see whether the prerequisite requirements will be modified in response to COVID-19.

25. Do I have to complete my immunization requirement if I am not coming back to Gainesville? What if I am in Gainesville, but not attending classes? Yes, all PHHP juniors and seniors who were admitted to the limited access portion of the Bachelor of Health Science or Bachelor of Public Health programs are required to complete and submit the Health Professions Immunization form prior to enrollment, regardless if you plan on coming back to Gainesville. The deadline for this requirement has been extended to August 14.

26. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is limiting the ability of undergraduates to engage in research and fieldwork experience, how will graduate and/or professional programs assess my application? This will depend on the program specifically, however, please understand that your situation will not be different from other applicants.