Communication Sciences and Disorders Plan of Study

Required (Campus and Online):

  • Nine (9) credits of College Approved Electives
  • Nine (9) credits of General Electives (courses at the 3000/4000-level that are not already included in the College Core or Approved Elective count)
  • Forty-two (42) credits of College Core courses
  • Complete sixty (60) credits of combined core courses and approved and general electives   

Degree Requirements

Junior Year

Fall Spring
SPA 3003 Phonetic Theory and Transcription SPA 4004 Language Development
SPA 3011 Speech Acoustics SPA 4101 Neuro Basis of Communication
SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing SPA 4302 Audiometry / Hearing Disorders
SPA 3101 Speech Anatomy and Physiology College Approved Elective
EEX 3093 Exceptional People in School and Society General Elective
Total: 15 credits Total: 15 credits

Senior Year

Fall Spring
SPA 4250 Introduction to Speech Disorders SPA 4400 Introduction to Language Disorders
SPA 4321 Audiologic Rehabilitation SPA 4050 Clinical Observation
ENC 3254 Professional Writing in the Discipline PHC 4101: Public Health Concepts
College Approved Elective College Approved Elective
General Elective General Elective
Total: 15 credits Total: 15 credits