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Rob Doyle

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academic advisor

Andrea Smith

To schedule an appointment, please call 352-273-6457.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change my major to Health Science, Public Health, or Communication Sciences and Disorders?

If you are a current UF student Freshman or Sophomore and you’re interested in a PHHP major, you are required to schedule an appointment to see a PHHP advisor. Please call 352-273-6457 to schedule an advising appointment.

I am currently majoring in a PHHP major. How do I change my major to one outside of PHHP?

Current PHHP students must reach out to advisers for their majors of interest to inquire about the major change process. For example, if you are interested in changing your major to Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, you must contact the College of Health and Human Performance; if you’re interested in switching to Psychology, you must contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

I am currently a PHHP major (Health Science, Public Health, or Communication Sciences and Disorders). Who is my adviser?

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore majoring in Health Science, Public Health, or Communication Sciences and Disorders, you should schedule an appointment to meet with Rob Doyle or Andrea Smith by calling 352-273-6457. If you have already been accepted into the the Health Science, Public Health, or Communication Sciences and Disorders limited access program (starting junior year), then have a faculty adviser.

  • If you are majoring in Health Science, you should contact Dr. Michael Moorhouse, the BHS program director (
  • If you majoring in Public Health, you should contact Dr. Liz Wood, the BPH program director (
  • If you are majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders, you should contact Brenda McDonnell, the upper-division adviser (

I am a student in a non-PHHP major interested in pursuing a minor in PHHP. What steps do I need to take?

Students interested in PHHP minors must have all minor prerequisites complete prior to requesting approval to pursue a PHHP minor. Prerequisite courses are listed in the respective minor catalog pages, available hereCompletion of minor prerequisites and the minimum prerequisite GPA does not guarantee acceptance to a PHHP minor. Because all PHHP majors are limited access, very few seats remain to allow for minor students. Please contact a PHHP adviser to see if minor students are currently being accepted to your minor of interest.

I am a PHHP major who wants to add a minor offered by a different UF college. What steps do I need to take?

Current PHHP Freshman and Sophomores should schedule an appointment to meet with an adviser to discuss minor tracking and feasibility. Please bring the UF Application to Add or Cancel an Undergraduate Minor to your appointment.

I am a Health Science or Public Health major and can’t get a seat in ENC3453 or ENC2210. Are there any other courses I can take to satisfy the Advanced Writing requirement?

Yes. Any of the following courses will satisfy our advanced writing requirement. Please note that not all courses are offered every semester, so please consult the Registrar’s Schedule of Courses or One.UF to see which courses are available.

  • AEC3033C Research and Business Writing in Agricultural & Life Sciences
  • COM4022 Health Communication
  • ENC2305 Analytical Writing
  • ENC3250 Professional Communication
  • ENC3254 Professional Writing in the Discipline
  • ENC3459 Writing in the Medical Sciences
  • ENC3464 Writing in the Social Sciences

I am trying to get into a certain class and can’t find available seats that meet my preferences. Can my PHHP advisor help me?

PHHP advisers are unable to manually add students to full courses offered by other colleges (e.g., CHM2045, ENC1102, BSC2010, CLP3144, etc.). If you are trying to be placed in a course that appears to be full, please continue to check One.UF or contact the department that offers the course. Occasionally students won’t be able to find a preferred section and will have to wait until the following semester to take a course. When contacting other departments, please be patient and recognize that you are likely one of many students requesting seats in popular courses.

I am interested in learning about the kinds of jobs I can get from my Health Science, Public Health, or Communication Sciences and Disorders major. Who can I speak to about this?

Most PHHP students plan to attend a graduate or professional program after graduation, such as medical school, dental school, or MPH or MHA programs. If you are interested in learning about other opportunities, you are encouraged to use the resources provided by UF’s Career Connections Center. In addition to online assessment tools, you can schedule a Career Planning Appointment to meet with a member of the Career Connections Center team.

I am an undergraduate student who is interested in a graduate program offered by the College of Public Health and Health Professions. Who can I speak to about this?

Undergraduate staff work with undergraduate students regarding only PHHP’s bachelor’s degree programs. If you would like more information about a PHHP graduate program (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Public Health, etc.), please check that program’s website for appropriate contact information.