Health Science Curriculum (Summer B 2024 onward)

The Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) with a major in Health Science is the first step toward a career in the rewarding field of healthcare. Students learn to think critically about various individual and public health issues and gain knowledge in the health care system, human disease and disability, and patient communication. Graduates go on to earn professional or graduate degrees in professions such as medicine, physician assistant, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more.

The Health Science major offers three specializations:

  1. Preprofessional (ideal for students who are pre-med, pre-PA, pre-dentistry, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-CAA, etc.)
  2. Pre-Rehabilitation (ideal for students who are pre-PT or pre-OT)
  3. Applied Brain Science (ideal for students who are interested in neurology, clinical psychology, or psychiatry)

Shared Courses Across Specializations

All three specializations share the six courses listed below (18 credits):  

  1. PHC 4101 Public Health Concepts    
  2. HSA 3111 US Health Care System           
  3. HSC 3057 Research Methods and Issues in Health Science
  4. HSC 3502 Survey of Diseases and Disability   
  5. OTH 3416 Pathophysiology
  6. HSC 3661 Therapeutic Communication Skills with Patients, Families and the Health Care Team

Specialization-Specific Courses

Preprofessional (12 credits)

  1. HSC4557 Medical Pharmacology in Clinical Care (not yet offered) 
  2. RCS4451 Rehabilitation Aspects of Substance Abuse 
  3. HSC4608 Clinical Diagnosis and Decision Making 
  4. HSC 4652L Ethical and Legal Issues in the Health Professions

Pre-Rehabilitation (17 credits)

  1. HSA4393 Wearable Technology, Robotics, and AI for Health 
  2. OTH3413C Applied Kinesiology 
  3. HSC4541 Musculoskeletal Assessment in Rehabilitation (not yet offered) 
  4. OTH4412/L Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Lab  
  5. SPA4106 Neuroplasticity in Rehabilitation  

Applied Brain Science (13 credits)

  1. CLP4302 Introduction to Clinical Psychology 
  2. CLP4420 Neuropsychology 
  3. CLP4421C Clinical/Behavioral Neuroanatomy with Lab 
  4. PHC4796C AI in Psychological and Brain Sciences 

Critical Tracking Requirements

  1. PSY2012 General Psychology (must complete by the end of Semester 1)
  2. STA2023 Statistics (must complete by the end of Semester 2)
  3. BSC2010 and BSC2010L Integrated Principles of Biology I and Laboratory (must complete by the end of Semester 3)*
  4. APK2105C Applied Human Physiology with Lab (must complete by the end of Semester 4)**

* Students in the Pre-Rehabilitation track can complete BSC2005 and BSC2005L in place of BSC2010 and BSC2010L; however, students are strongly recommended to complete BSC2010 and BSC2010L. Pre-PT students are expected to complete BSC2010 and BSC2010L, as it is required for physical therapy school.
** Students in the Preprofessional track can complete CHM2045 in place of APK2105C.