HSSO Undergraduate Liaison Committee


– To serve as a point of connection between PHHP and students in the Health Science and Public Health programs

– To gain insight and feedback about PHHP undergraduate courses and the programs as a whole based on student’s experiences

– To offer suggestions for changes and improvements to the PHHP undergraduate curriculum and opportunities for students

– To evaluate the effectiveness of program resources and availability to students

Student Resources


– The HSSO President will chair the committee

– Members of HSSO are eligible to participate if they are a Health Science or Public Health major, or are pursuing any undergraduate PHHP minor

– Interested HSSO members should fill out the interest form linked on Canvas

– There is no limit to how many people can participate on the committee

– Committee membership is for one semester at a time, members are invited to stay on the committee for both semesters if interested and do not have to fill out the interest form a second time


HSSO Connection

– Members who participate in the committee can have the participation count for one of their networking points

– Members must be involved in committee efforts for the whole semester to be eligible for the point

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The committee will:
– Serve as representatives of the PHHP college and Health Science program

– Put together a comprehensive review of the Health Science program including
courses, resources, and opportunities

– Offer suggestions in an open forum setting based on student experience

– Facilitate a round-table discussion focusing on the student experience within the PHHP college (Freshmen and Sophomores will discuss topics including their experience with PHHP advising, completing prerequisites, available resources,
applying to the program, etc. In addition, Juniors and Seniors will discuss topics including courses, advising, resources, graduation requirements, etc.)

– The committee will submit the findings and feedback to HPCC in order to be relayed to
PHHP staff and faculty

– A representative will also meet with HPCC to provide more insight and represent the committee in any ongoing discussions or meetings.

a group of students


– The committee will meet 3 times a semester and communicate through a group chat on GroupMe

– These meetings will be a combination of virtual (over Zoom) and in-person (location specified on Canvas), and additional meetings may be called as needed to accommodate the information sessions and discussions

– The meeting days and times will be determined by availability of the committee members and a poll/survey will be sent out at the beginning of each semester, after the committee has been formed, to determine best meeting dates/times



– Committee members have the opportunity to be promoted to Director positions based on level of commitment, involvement, and contributions

– Directors will not be part of the HSSO E-Board, and will report to the President (interested committee members are eligible to apply but can only hold one Director position at a time)

– Applications for Director positions will open at the end of the Spring semester, will close before E-Board elections, and the candidates chosen will be announced along with the new E-Board at the last GBM

– Directors will communicate with the Vice President over the summer to prepare for the following year

College Approved Electives


Reach out to the President via GroupMe or by email: uf.hsso.phhp@gmail.com