Mentoring Up

What is Mentoring Up?

Mentoring up or reverse mentoring describes an active learning approach whereby students and faculty engage in reciprocal mentoring for the betterment of the learning environment. Rather than view mentoring as strictly a top-down approach from faculty to student, mentoring up allows space for the student to also mentor faculty. This symbiotic relationship allows for mutual growth and learning.

The Aspects of Mentoring Up

  • Advocating for the voices of the student
  • Open Communication
  • Shared Learning
  • “Calling In”

What is our goal for Mentoring Up?

Through the Mentoring Up approach, we hope to provide open communication to faculty on the concerns of diversity and inclusion in the college environment.

Topics We Hope to Address with Mentoring Up:

  • Understanding the difference between intent and impact 
  • Using more Inclusive language 
  • Challenging the systems instead of the person 
  • Taking accountability for our role in these systems 
  • Growth and reflection
Who We Are

Mentoring Up Feedback

Diversity Caucus - Mentoring Up Form

Please use this form if you want the Caucus to provide feedback to a faculty member about something said/done/presented in class that could have been done differently.