Ways to Help From Home
  • Appropriate: people with disabilities or disabled people
    • Inappropriate: the disabled
  • Appropriate: persons who uses a wheelchair
    • Inappropriate: wheelchair-bound
  • Appropriate: wheelchair user
    • Inappropriate: confined to a wheelchair
  • Appropriate: disabled person, person with a disability
    • Inappropriate: cripple, spastic, victim
  • Appropriate: disabled person, person with a disability
    • Inappropriate: the handicapped
  • Appropriate: intellectual disability
    • Inappropriate: mental handicap
  • Appropriate: intellectually disabled
    • Inappropriate: mentally handicapped
  • Appropriate: non-disabled
    • Inappropriate: normal
  • Appropriate: person with a mental health disability
    • Inappropriate: schizo, mad
  • Appropriate: has (e.g. asthma)
    • Inappropriate: suffers from (e.g. asthma)

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*It should be noted, that while these terms have been used and implemented as part of attempts to help people with disabilities feel more comfortable and accepted, some people who identify as having disabilities may use language considered “inappropriate” to refer to themselves. It is important to respect the autonomy of all persons, and use whichever terms they deem to be appropriate when referring to them. Ask, do not assume!