Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor

The Communication Sciences and Disorders minor provides students with a foundation in the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism, and the normal development of hearing, speech and language skills. Students interested in this minor typically major in pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, pre-medicine, pre-dental, nursing, linguistics, psychology and education. 

Students who have earned between 45 and 60 credits and have a minimum 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply for this minor. Please note that courses that are required for the Communication Sciences and Disorders major do not count toward a CSD minor if the courses are required by the student’s home department.

Communication Sciences and Disorders Majors are ineligible for the Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor.

Applying for the Communication Sciences and Disorders Minor

To apply to the Communication Sciences and Disorders minor, please visit the PHHP Undergraduate Minor Submission Page. To start the minor in Summer B or Fall semester, you must apply by May 15th. To start the minor in Spring semester, you must apply by October 15th.

Note: Meeting the eligibility requirements for the communication sciences and disorders minor DOES NOT guarantee that you will be approved.

Minor Courses

Students accepted into the minor are required to complete 15 total credits including 9 credits of required coursework and 6 credits of elective coursework. Students may choose any two elective courses listed below to meet the elective requirements.

Required Courses (9 Credits)

SPA3032 Fundamentals of Hearing

SPA3101 Speech Anatomy and Physiology

SPA4004 Language Development

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

SPA3003 Phonetic Theory and Transcription

SPA3011 Speech Acoustics

SPA4104 Neural Basis of Communication

SPA4250 Introduction to Speech Disorders

SPA4302 Audiometry and Hearing Disorders

SPA4400 Introduction to Language Disorders

Note: Elective course options are contingent upon availability during registration.
Please make certain to consider several elective course options.

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