Program Information for Transfer Students

The Bachelor of Public Health is designed for students whose career goal is to work in health systems or organizations providing health related or general human services to individuals and communities.

The BPH limited access program is a two-year, 60-credit curriculum. The curriculum for the BPH provides the opportunity to learn foundation skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic health environment and is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills for both individual and community-based health care.  The program provides students the core skills necessary for advanced education in public health or a related field.

All students learn about:

  • the five major areas of public health (biostatistics, environmental health services, epidemiology, health services administration, and social and behavioral sciences) and each area’s contribution to public health;
  • how social determinants of health impact disability, disease and illness in populations;
  • critical aspects of contemporary public health challenges;
  • professional communication;
  • the scientific basis of public health knowledge.

Supplemental Application Requirement

Transfer applicants must complete the University of Florida Transfer Admissions application as well as the supplemental application on this website. Applicants are required to complete the UF Transfer Admissions application before submitting the supplemental application. The supplemental application is due February 15, 2024, with priority review given to applicants who apply by February 1, 2024. Decisions will be released by early April.

Minimum requirements:

  • A minimum 3.0 overall GPA.
  • A minimum 3.0 prerequisite GPA, with a “C” or better in all prerequisite courses.
  • Completed a large majority of prerequisite courses before you apply.
  • An Associate of Arts (AA) degree.
  • Complete a University of Florida application

Required prerequisite courses:

  • General College Biology BSC2005 or BSC2010
  • Statistics STA2023
  • Six (6) credits of Social and Behavioral Sciences, including PSY2012 as the state core
  • English Composition ENC1101 and ENC1102
  • Advanced Professional Writing ENC2210 or ENC3453

Course Equivalencies

Eastern Florida State College DEP2004 CLP2140 BSCC1005/BSCC1010 ENC2210
Broward College DEP2004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210
College of Central Florida DEP2004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210
Chipola College DEP2004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210
Daytona State College DEP2004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC1010C ENC2210
Florida State College at Jacksonville DEP2004 N/A BSC1005/ BSC2010C ENC2210
Florida Keys Community College DEP2004 CLP3160 BSC1005/ BSC1010 GEB3213
Gulf Coast State College DEP2004 N/A BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210
Hillsborough Community College DEP1004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210
Indian River State College DEP2004 CLP2140 BSC1005/ BSC2010 ENC2210