Public Health Minor

The Public Health minor is a 15-credit minor that enables students to acquire public health knowledge that complements their career paths. The minor is designed for students going into careers other than public health who can benefit from public health knowledge in the delivery of their services. A few examples of these careers include anthropology, dentistry, environmental engineering, health education, medicine, nursing, nutritional sciences, occupational therapy, physician assistant and psychology.

Students applying to the Public Health minor must have at least junior standing (60+ credits), a 3.0 overall GPA, and complete all prerequisites with a 3.0 GPA or better.

Public Health Majors are not eligible for the Public Health Minor.

Prerequisite Courses

BSC2005 Biological Sciences, or BSC2010 Principles of Biology 1

STA2023 Statistics 1

PSY2012 General Psychology

CLP3144 Abnormal Psychology or DEP3053 Developmental Psychology.

Note: Meeting the eligibility requirements for the public health minor
DOES NOT guarantee that you will be approved.

Minor Courses

Students accepted into the minor are required to complete 15 total credits including 3 credits of required coursework and 12 credits of elective coursework. Students may choose any elective courses listed below to meet the elective requirements.

Required Courses (3 Credits)

PHC4101 Public Health Concepts

Elective Courses (12 Credits)

HSA 3111 US Healthcare System*
HSC 4247 Dis/Mis Information in Healthcare
HSC 4507 Environmental Toxicology Applications in Public Health
HSC 4643 Access and Rehabilitatoin in Vulnerable Populations
HSC 4930 Public Health Messaging and Dissemination
PHC 4024 Applied Epidemiology
PHC 4320 Environmental Concepts in Public Health
PHC 3603 Critical Issues in Public Health
PHC 3440 Global Public Health
PHC 3678 Global Health Disparities and Disabilities
PHC 4094 Introduction to Biostatistics
PHC 4309 Climate Change, the Environment, and the Future of Public Health
PHC 4418 Social, Economic, and Environmental Drivers of Health
RCS 4451 Rehabilitation Aspects of Substance Abuse

*HSA3111 does not count toward the PH minor for Health Science majors.

Please note: some courses need to manually be updated in your audit, but will be after/drop add Fall and Spring semesters. 

Note: Elective course options are contingent upon availability during registration.
Please make certain to consider several elective course options.

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