Combination Degrees

Bachelor's-Masters of Public Health

The combined Bachelor’s/MPH degree program is available to UF undergraduate students from any college and major. The combination degree program allows students to get a 15-credit head start on the MPH degree coursework while still undergraduates.

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Bachelor's-Masters of Science in Biostatistics

Qualified students with any undergraduate major can pursue a Master of Science degree in Biostatistics. The Master of Science degree in Biostatistics is designed to facilitate students’ development of a strong theoretical foundation in biostatistics and of a broad-based understanding of biostatistical methods.

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Bachelor of Health Science-Occupational Therapy Doctoral Degree

The Occupational Therapy Accelerated Program is a combination degree program that allows students to take first-year Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Program courses during their junior and senior years in the BHS Program. All first-year OTD courses count toward both the OTD and the BHS degrees.

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